Our Areas

At GX Fitness we have multiple areas throughout our gym which each contain their own type of equipment, these areas include.

The Studio

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Timetabled and virtual classes

The Studio is home to virtual and trainer led classes. The space is designed to create an immersive experience through atmospheric sounds and lighting to improve the classes’ ambience and increase your motivation. Offering variety to your workout, classes can be enjoyed sociably as well as helping you to achieve better weight control, agility, flexibility, strength and stamina. All of our classes are suitable for mixed ability levels and with more than 3000 classes available we are sure there is something for everyone.

Our virtual classes are included in our Gym only memberships!


LBT – Instructor Led

Shape and tone your legs, bum and tum with our LBT class. This workout is a fun-filled, full body, aerobic workout that aims to tone up your legs, bums and tums and is great for those who want to lose weight or improve overall fitness levels.

Functional Training – Instructor Led

A resistance-based class that mirrors every day actions like walking, carrying, lifting and bending. This class is for everybody who wants to learn how to move better and improve flexibility. Functional training is a great way to make your body stronger, protect joints and prevent injury.

Strength and conditioning – Instructor Led

Build a stronger body in our Strength and Conditioning class! The workout is designed to improve strength and power, build muscle, change body composition and is a gruelling session to unleash your potential.

Kettlebells – Instructor Led

A full body workout using kettlebells that helps to increase strength and tone your whole body. Using a cast iron weight, you will squat, lunge, twist and swing yourself into shape in this high intensity, full body workout.

Core – Virtual Class

A class that focuses on core strength to help to tone to your abdominal muscles. Core is a specialised and concentrated class to give you a tighter, more defined stomach using a combination of cardiovascular and abdominal exercises. We offer both trainer-led sessions or virtual classes to suit everybody.

Dance – Instructor Led

Dance is a choreographed regime that includes a variety of dance styles to make you sweat and have fun at the same time! This workout promotes weight loss and muscle tone to motivating music! Bring your best dance moves to GX Fitness!

Group Cycle – Virtual Class

Group Cycle is a high intensity indoor cycling class designed to torch calories, build muscle tone, increase cardio endurance and relieve stress. Will you take on THE RIDE?

The Ride

Make a quick getaway in the indoor group cycle area! Push yourself in the trainer-led classes or take on a challenge with the virtual reality experience!

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Make a quick getaway in THE RIDE, our indoor cycling area including VR routes and trainer led classes. This area is designed to motivate and encourage everybody who dares to try THE RIDE to torch calories, improve cardiovascular endurance and to tone your legs.

GYM & Classes memberships can use our PT lead classes but if you are on a GYM only membership you can still use our VR classes

Group Cycle

Spin is a high intensity indoor cycling class designed to torch calories, build muscle tone, increase cardio endurance, and relieve stress, Will you take on THE RIDE?

The Track

Fancy doing a runner? Hit the TRACK; an AstroTurf circuit for agility/bungie work and sledge and rope programmes

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The TRACK is excellent for developing explosive power, speed and core conditioning. It provides a range of exercise options that allow you to improve your functional strength and overall fitness. Run, crawl, lunge and jump your way to your fitness goals.

The Track is a 13 meter astro-turf which you can use our sledges, battle ropes, Bungee ropes and we even have a class that incorporates the use of our track includes in the GYM & Classes membership!

The Pen

High Intensity Training experience

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The Pen is a prison themed area that offers a unique and intense training experience suitable for all abilities. The Pen is designed to punish the mind and body with high intensity training sessions coached by our very own prison guards, bringing the US penitentiary theme to life. Inspired by Prison, designed to discipline.

The equipment in the pen is available to use to any gym member unless a class is on or the staff are setting up for a class.

Staff Lead classes are only available for GYM & Class memberships, we offer our Gym only members the opportunity to try our classes for a small fee.

Pen – Beginner

Our beginner classes are less intense on the body using a mixture of body weight and state-of-the-art equipment, ideal for increasing both cardiovascular fitness and toning up.

Pen – Intermediate

Discipline your body in our intermediate class. Experience our high intensity group class, created to push your mind and body. Led by our motivating instructors, you will be driven to see results. This workout is ideal for those who are looking to increase cardiovascular fitness and toning.

Pen – Intense

Our intense classes are a challenging experience that works every part of your body through cardiovascular bursts and weight training. Take on the challenge and push your body to the limits.